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With the number of airline options today customer have no dearth of choice when it comes to choosing their carrier. Airline customers have always been the more educated and experienced lot. But today they are even more knowledgeable. And with this knowledge comes higher expectations. Airlines must continually find newer ways to enhance their products, promotions, prices, costs and operations. Predictive Analytics can help determine how an airline should move forward by systematically learning from organizational functioning.

Customer Insights

Analytics can help identify customer needs and wants, thus enabling carriers to response better and faster to meet customer requirements. Predictive analytics can be applied by businesses to make decisions at a micro level. Predictive modelling can help in a more personalized form of marketing campaign. It can provide airlines with insights on where it is not meeting traveller expectations while simultaneously improving efficiency, increasing revenues and reducing risks.

Below are some of the key areas where Modak Analytics can help you with:

Management of Seats

  • Manage overbooking capacity to ensure maximum seat factors with minimal downgrades

Loyalty Management

  • Identify different customers clusters
  • Target clusters with appropriate messages, promotions and placement to ensure repeat revenue and reduced churn

Passenger Business

  • Missed connections
  • Lost baggage
  • VIP customers
  • Up sales during the booking process
  • Overhead bin space optimization

Flight Operations

  • Aircraft re-routing
  • Gate management
  • Baggage management
  • Parts management
  • Forecasting
  • Flight catering management
  • Ground handling services
  • Manpower planning
  • Optimized staffing levels


  • Sales area
  • Managing traffic flows (O&D)
  • Brand buzz analysis
  • Sentiment analysis