Duplicate and repetitive customer data in your system would create havoc for your marketing campaign. Lot of time, money and resources would be drained due to CRM system with duplicate or multiple records for the same customer.

De-duplication is a matching process carried out to find duplicate records in the system. Our product incorporates advance matching algorithms, specifically written with Indian context. Since it engineered for Indian names and addresses, it can handle misspellings, short form of names, grammatical, semantical as well as dialectal discrepancies. Modak-dedup can handle huge data without compromising the accuracy of the output. It is database independent. It can run on various databases like Oracle 10G, DB2 and SQL Server etc. Large volumes of data can be processed, with immaculate accuracy and efficiency. This product can also act as a gate-keeper for your MDM and CRM applications.

RBI's UCIC- Unique Customer Identification Code by using DatumDedup

Complaince through De-duplication:

A recent RBI mandate (see circular  14 /14.01.062/2012-13, dtd 9-Oct-2012) requires Unique Customer Identification Code for banks’ customers across India. While some banks already use UCICs for their customers by providing them a relationship number etc, other banks have not adopted this practice. Banks are, therefore, advised to initiate steps for allotting UCIC to all their customers while entering into any new relationships for individual customers to begin with. Similarly, existing individual customers may also be allotted unique customer identification code by end December 2014. This will enable banks to monitor financial transactions in a holistic manner and provide a better approach to risk profiling of customers.

UCIC Compliance can be achieved by using our DatumDedup and address matching software.

UCIC Solution by Modak Analytics:

  1. Identifying unique customers across all branches (Under whole umbrella of the bank) and assigning an unique customer ID.
  2. Modak Analytics will also identify unique households and assign an unique household id for the households of the bank.
  3. Modak Analytics will support the bank to load the generated unique ID's back to the CBS system.

Our Solution's process flow:

  1. Extracting the bank's customer data.
  2. Generating UCIC for customers accross all the branches.
  3. Guiding the bank in loading the generated UCIC to Core Banking System.

Fastest in Industry !

  1. 1 Million records were de-duped under 22 minutes using Modak's proprietary in-database technology.
  2. Since it is in-database technology it is scalable with the scalability of underlying database engine.

Some of the features of our product are:

  1. It can handle misspellings, short form of names, grammatical, semantical as well as dialectal discrepancies.
  2. It can handle huge data without compromising the accuracy of the output.
  3. Our product can process all the records in memory, if required. This might be required for large sets of data.

Click here for viewing RBI Master Circular for UCIC - All Scheduled Commercial Banks (excluding RRBs)/All India Financial Institutions/ Local Area Banks (July 01, 2013)

Click here for viewing RBI Circular for UCIC - Primary Urban Co-operative banks (June 06, 2013)

Click here for viewing RBI Circular for UCIC - Regional Rural Banks, State and Central Co-operative Banks (July 03, 2014)

Click here for viewing RBI Circular on UCIC for NBFC's (May 03, 2013)

Click here for viewing RBI Circular on UCIC - State and Central Co-operative Banks and Regional Rural Banks (June 11, 2012)

Click here for viewing RBI Circular on UCIC - Scheduled Commercial Banks,(Excluding RRBs)/Local Area Banks / All India Financial Institutions (June 08, 2012)

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Modak Analytics can also help you with the following:
  • Datum Check
  • Datum Scrub
  • MapIT
Datum Check

Datum Check is designed to do a quick health check of your organization’s customer data. Good data quality and integrity of data is essential, for the top management to take key decision based on that data. Decisions like customer profiling, customer segmentation, Recency-Frequency-Monetary (RFM analysis), customer retention; customer lifetime value etc would horribly fail if the data quality were not up to the mark.

We help companies access their data quality. Our software will run through your customer data set, and give a consolidated report of how many customer records do not meet the KYC compliance criteria, how many records have partial or incomplete data fields, the percentage of spelling mistakes etc. Records, which do not adhere to KYC compliance, are risky, and may result in serious compliance issues for the company. If the company decides to clean up the records based on our recommendations, organization can only ask those customers to furnish the KYC details, instead of a blanket campaign for KYC documents submission for all the customers. This selective approach will help organization save money as well as time. It has been also found that this selective approach does not tarnish the brand value of the company.

At the end of the audit, Modak Analytics will give a scorecard for the data quality of your company. The score is based on the benchmarking of data quality in the industry. Based on our score, management can take decisions as to how to improve the data quality, and put quality checks in place for future nurturing of the data.

Since, we are an external entity, we will give an honest, to the point and unbiased opinion about your data quality.

Datum Check Solution:
  • Appraisal of business issues and objectives.
  • Identification of all the stakeholders in the organization.
  • Understanding the system, the data sources, data format etc.
  • Customizing tool to the clients requirements.
  • Use of ‘best in class’ software to analyze the data.
  • Detecting gaps, anomalies within the data through data.
  • Eyeballing the sample gaps and anomalies manually.
  • Give a detail report with recommendation for future actions.
  • To have a health check on your data, give us a call today!
Datum Scrub:

With our Datum-scrub we do cleansing, formatting, standardization and value adding some of the missing fields in data. By using sophisticated algorithms and address domain knowledge about Indian addresses data is cleansed to a point.

We offer product-service combination with this product. IT-savvy organizations, do understand that depending upon the quality score of the data, 60-80% of the data will be cleansed by our automated product- KYC-Clean. Remaining data has to be eyeballed by professionals, with know-how about Indian addresses, regional lingo etc and cleansed.

For missing or incomplete KYC data, Modak Analytics undertakes KYC data completion service. We have mobile app(ekyc), which is compatible with all the popular operating systems in the market like Android, iOS etc.

We provide feet on street, having tabs or mobile with our application installed on it. These FOS collect the data by going to the location of your customer. This ensures the latest KYC data is collected and feed in the system. This service, ensures your organization has optimal data quality.


Our MapIT product, marks each and every customer address on map by geocoding the address points, to give you complete birds eye view of the customer distribution pan India. The map can be zoomed in to city level, area level or a particular neighbour level. This Spatial analysis of customer address, provides unique business insights about your customers.

Our MapIT product helps clients with Geo-demographic segmentation. Some addresses are not accurately plotted on Google maps, due to the inherent unformatted nature of Indian addresses. Due to this reason, this is a product-service offering where Modak Analytics manually finds the geo-codes for the address which cannot be located on the Google maps.