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Extraction, Transformation and Loading is not only a very important process in a Business Intelligence project but also a highly complex one. Used for creating data warehouses, it is the most time consuming process in the BI project, taking up about 80% of the total BI project time.

Businesses are today engaged in capturing more and more customer and transactional data. With this incessant capturing and data growing at an exponential rate, ETL processes are going to become the bottlenecks in any data analytics/BI project. With our in house expertise in handling large and variable data sets, we can ensure seamless data migration from variable data sources into your Data Ware House.


With our automated ETL Solution accelerators, you no longer need to have a separate team to select and correlate the data. Our code does it automatically, converts all relevant data to appropriate formats all without the need for consistent human involvement.

Our automated ETL Solution accelerators will drastically reduce your team infrastructure cost and also cut down on the delivery time significantly. This is particularly useful for large scale Enterprise Datawarehousing projects in which a high volume of Data is involved or in important Data migrations projects during company mergers and acquisitions.

Some of the features of our Automated ETL Solution Accelerators are:

  • Defining data sources and their relevant mappings
  • Maintenance/monitoring of transformation scripts
  • Creation of new transformation scripts for new business requirements
  • Batch script Preparation
  • Updating of mapping specifications with meta data
  • Updating of monitoring and responsibility processes on source data changes
  • Ensuring accurate/efficient ETL processes in production
  • Recertification of broken ETL processes
  • Updating of ETL processes
  • Streamlining/ elimination of disjointed extraction and transformation programs
  • Performance tuning, error handling and interdependent scheduling