Geo-coding is a process of converting an address to an exact point on a map. We take Indian address, match it to a physical location and return an exact latitude and longitude. Every address is assigned latitude and longitude, which is a unique point on the digital map.

Geo-coding, Indian addresses is challenging as the addresses are not standardize. The same address can be written in different ways by different customers making geo-coding very difficult.

Modak Analytics, has best in class geo-coding service in India. Modak Analytics, has accumulated lot of external pan India open source data and has also created a pan India exhaustive database. Due to this database, our geo-coding services are best in the industry with very high match rates.

Features of our geo-coding services:

  • Matching and geo-coding algorithm developed only for Indian address.
  • We have names and Indian addresses nomenclature dictionary for each and every state of India. Each state has a different dictionary. These dictionaries make our geo-coding process highly accurate.
  • Our geo-coding services are used by leaders in each vertical, like Banking, Insurance, Retail, FMCG etc.

Following are the example where our services have been used.

  • Customer data from Banks, Retail stores etc.
  • Retail outlets from FMCGs
  • Bank branches & ATMs

Spatial Analytics: Combining reliable individual data with the demographic data and then plotting them on the simple map, gives valuable insights which otherwise would be missed. As they say ‘birds of a feather flock together’, plotting your existing customer with the demographic data onto a map will also give you insight into your prospective leads. Your existing customer database combined with Modak’s Customer Master Universe and other data sets would give valuable insights to business.

The name and address of best customers of the business is first matched with name and address in Modak’s customer master universe. The socio-economic profile of these customers is created and studied and then prospect / leads with same socio-economic profile are found out from Modak’s customer master universe. The demographic data with the prospect’s record will provide the sales team targeting recommendations based on the materialized profile.

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