Modak Optimus

Modak Optimus is an intranet based tool for managing Campaigns and tracking their performance. It serves as a great tool for Business Analysts to determine right business strategies in selecting right customers from the customer base for a right offer thus making your business more service oriented and grow with strategies. You can measure the bang created by your marketing dollars.

Creation and Tracking Features:
  1. User friendly interface which is intuitive.
  2. Unlimited Campaigns creation, management and analysis.
  3. Comprehensive tracking of executed campaigns and being run campaigns.
  4. Campaign evaluations like pre-post evaluations, Return on Investment and response rate.

Communication Features:
  1. Sending SMS and e-mail alerts to customers.

Filtering Features:
  1. Geospatial Analysis-Real-time visualization of customers against attributes on Geographic Maps based component.
  2. Interactive charts for displaying and selecting the data for attributes.
  3. Effective segmentation schemes are applied for filtering of customers in campaigns.
  4. Predictive models well implemented in business rules of the tool.
  5. Effective sampling of control groups using segmentation schemes.

Configuring Features:
  1. Ready to use tool for verticals like banking, retail and hospitality which designed by domain experts.
  2. Readily configurable data sources and attributes for success metrics.

Performance, Integration and Maintenance:
  1. Performance effective even when executing large campaigns.
  2. Easy setup and maintenance.
  3. Easy integration of extra modules.