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Data preparation made Faster, Smarter, Leaner using nabu

nabu is a modern data management platform used for exploring, combining, cleaning and transforming raw data into curated datasets. This is further used for self-service data integration, data science, data discovery, and BI/analytics. nabu also provides an interactive visual environment for users to perform data preparation

Featured in "Market Guide to Data Preparation" Gartner, April 2019

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“nabu has successfully helped implement data management platform for One of the World’s Largest Life Sciences delivering 400% increase in ROI”

Our modern data management flagship product nabu has all the key capabilities of a modern data management tools like data ingestion and profiling, data cataloging and metadata management, data structuring and modeling, data transformation, data enrichment, User collaboration, data source access and connectivity & data quality and security. It drastically reduces the time consumed in data preparation without compromising security and lineage. It is an enterprise modern data management platform powered by Modak’s metaprogramming approach. It features an Intelligent Data Catalog that tags technical, business and operational metadata. Nabu’s advanced Machine Learning algorithms and data fingerprinting technology allows petabyte scale data integration, automated ingestion and augmented data preparation, thereby significantly reducing the time to insight.

nabu leverages Modak’s meta programming approach and there by accelerates the creation and management of a modern data management platform know more...

Automated Data Discovery

It is unimaginable for organizations to churn petabytes of data into a consequential data lake. Automated Data Discovery and Ingestion approach of nabuTM supports the organizations to retrieve the substantial data into the data lake.

Intelligent Catalog

nabu’s Intelligent data catalog automatically tags and organizes metadata using metadata crawler and categorizes the data as technical, operation and business metadata. The intelligent data catalog functions as the core of data preparation, which helps in defining data relationships, lineage and CDC. The intelligent data catalog enables automated data ingestion enabling automated generation of pipelines once the source and destination data are defined.
  • Converts them to valuable data sets
  • Supports data discovery
  • Exposes data conflicts
  • Tags data to orchestrate the search
  • Supports to infer business terms and semantic meaning
  • Enhances business glossaries from legacy data

Robust ingestion Process

nabu automatically crawls various Data Sources and ingests the data in a high-performance and automatically preserves data precision. This helps the user in performing Data Curation, Schema extraction, and Capturing Metadata.

Data Mapping & Standardization

nabu enhances Data Mapping and Standardization through Data Fingerprinting technique.

Data Fingerprinting

Data Fingerprinting is an automated approach to determine identical data values throughout the data lake. This feature analyzes the column values in different tables and generates a hash code irrespective of column names. If the column shares the same data, a score will be generated between 0 to 1 which corresponds the match value and merges the data.

Data Anonymization

nabu supports Data Anonymization through Machine Learning and intelligent data identification approach that aids the data classification process without any manual intervention.