Predictive Modelling

Predictive Modelling    Technologies

Predictive modelling offers a clear view of the present and deeper insight into the future. Predictive analytics uses different techniques and algorithms from statistics and data mining, to analyze current and historic data to predict the outcome of future events and interactions.

Get a clear view of not only the present but also future with our predictive modelling tools and services. Whether your data is structured or unstructured, predictive modelling through analytics can help you find the hidden information in your data. This deeper insight into previously unknown patterns can open up new and exciting avenues for your business to exploit.

Decision makers can use predictive modelling tools to gain deeper understanding of customers and build better methods to tackle their complaints or service them better.

Predictive modelling used in the industry:

  • BFSI: Nab a greater percentage of frauds and settle legal claims faster
  • Retail: Predict consumption patterns based on the customer’s age, gender and transaction history
  • Medicines: Predict a patient’s risk of developing a specific medical condition and begin preventive care
  • Hardware: Forecast when machine parts are likely to fail and notify customers before the failure happens.