Data today is growing at an exponential rate with businesses today capturing more and more customer and transactional data every day. For any kind of data management initiatives like DW/BI etc., efficient data movement is very crucial within a company. Our software is capable of transforming your data model into ETL code, cut down on the need for developers to code and test and delivers the code quickly and consistently.

RapidETL is the next generation product for automating data integration. Why sail when you can take the rapids!

  1. Faster Delivery: RapidETL reduces timelines by as much as 5X
  2. Cuts your Cost: Rapid ETL cuts the cost of an ETL project by 70%.
  3. Automation: Rapid ETL generates the ETL code automatically and can function in any ETL tool like Informatica, DataStage etc.

Conventionally ETL build is done by a team of experts at the location. The ETL build resources are very difficult to find and moreover are very expensive. The ETL build process is being offshored, to reduce resources cost and also to have specialized resources working on only ETL build very similar to assembly lines in the manufacturing sector. RapidETL, will take the ETL build assembly line to the next level, by automating the ETL build code generation assembly line. RapidETL will generate the ETL build code by itself negating the need for an expensive, and specialized team.

Organizations, have already invested hugely in the Information Technology infrastructure in terms of software and IT resources/ teams. Organizations have code repository assets, which are currently in use. A data integration task involves series of repeatable patterns. RapidETL, finds patterns in your code and also the data. Using these common patterns RapidETL, automates the ETL build code generation. Since RapidETL uses artificial intelligence like robots, the code is generated at rapid speed, the quality of the generated code is very high because of less manual errors and also expensive resource requirement is drastically reduced due to automation.

Since RapidETL is automated, the lead time from design to user acceptance testing is dramatically reduced due to lower development time and also due to high quality of code generated, which in turns reduces the time required for code QA and testing. Our software removes the repetition from your Informatica build process and can rapidly design and build an Informatica project, all without the need for a development team. A single developer is all that is needed to have the same level of productivity. Late design changes can be incorporated without the risking the project. Code consistency is maintained with fewer errors and reduced test cycles. With our no hassles approach you will no longer view the Informatica development as a bottleneck. Your analysts can spend more time focusing on the job rather than figuring our problems. And you are able to deliver ahead of time, under budget and your customers are happy.

Modak Analytics has in-house trained Informatica as well as Data stage consultants who are focused on data integration. Our Product suite expertise includes Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica AddressDoctor for Data Quality, Informatica Master Data Management, IBM InfoSphere DataStage and more. Modak Analytics has delivered projects in BFSI sector and Retail sector.